Well Hello There…..

Last year I decided to take on the project of writing a BLOG. Not just for my kids and their historical record, but to share stuff we do.From homemade laundry soap to a trip to Zoolights we shared it.  That’s what we humans do we share stuff and build community. So after a year on another BLOG service I find not all BLOG sites are created equal. So here we are landing at WordPress….

Writing a BLOG is not an easy thing to do in my opinion. Other of my blogging friends make it look so easy – I have to wonder what their process is. There are about 500 things I want to write about, so trying to shift through the ideas is like trying to get sap out of a maple tree in January. From cooking and gardening to teaching and volunteering there are so many things I’ve experienced this year and so much I’m looking forward to this year it’s difficult to know where to start.

Also when you’re a Mom champions a family of 5 humans and 2 pets  you wonder if your typing and sending thoughts out into the space of the universe actually makes a difference. I’m not looking to type the next BLOG that ends up on the Today Show, but I am looking to share experiences. I find often as an avid reader of books; it is those authors I relate to whom share real life stories which I find have similarly happened in my own life. From the mother who has the screaming toddler in the middle of a major shopping chain, to the frustrated step-parent whose hands are tied, the first time parent of twins, to the person who has a mother in law from hell, to the nervous homeschooling parent and the wife/partner who wants to have a fulfilled relationship with her spouse. We’ve all been there and we all have stories to share, it’s just how much your willing to show  in public.

I hope as I begin to build this blog someone will find comfort, inspiration or share their own stories.

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