Quick Trip to Seaside, OR

I was excited about our trip to Seaside as I had been to the beach several times all over OR and WA.  I had not been to Seaside since I was a kid and I think we just drove through because we went camping at Cannon Beach with my Dad.  I had tons of great memories and pictures from all our travels all over WA, and that trip was the first time I ever got to go beach camping.  While our family did not camp, we sure had a great time!

It took about four hours with a few pit stops along the way to get from Tacoma, WA to Seaside, OR.  We always stop in Astoria, as we like to watch the ships come through the mouth of the Columbia River.  This time we watched a Chevron ship come through which was moving faster than our car, so the girls thought it was a race!  If you’ve never been over the Astoria Bridge, our girls get quite a laugh out of it – but also a smidgen of panic after they look back and see how high up they were.  There is also a River Front Trolley, which you can take a “tour” of the Columbia River front.

Once we got into town, we realized there was a Wine Walk, so we thought it was busier than normal.  However, I learned from the concierge that actually the resort we stayed at has Seaside and Las Vegas as its two top destinations each year.  (How funny since they are polar opposites!)  The resort was great, we were up on the 6th floor with a view of the beach and down towards the Light House.  The kids broke in the beach, the pool, and anything else they could the first night, even though we got there around 4:00pm on Saturday.  There was some good beach combing we found some good shells and sand dollars.  The girls were excited there were swings on the beach all over – not just one set and they were soaked up to their waist in seawater from jumping in the waves!

Sunday we flew kites, walked the boardwalk, and stopped by the Seaside Aquarium.  It is small, but there is some cool stuff to do – three touch tanks, as well as a couple of good size octopuses there to see and an opportunity to feed the seals.  These seals are pretty demanding – they kept slapping the water when we would throw the fish in.  If we were not fast enough they would splash up on the wall and throw their noses up in protest.  Feeding the seals is $1.00 for a good size bunch of fish heads and bodies. The oldest of our twins was  s-o g-r-o-s-s-e-d out she wasn’t having anything to do with it. It was hilarious to see because you have to actually take the fish (slime and all) and throw them into the feeding area.  Trust that it last about two seconds and those seals do not look like they skip many meals.

After lunch, we walked around town.  There are tons of restaurants and cafes to choose from.  Something’s were closed down and we couldn’t figure out if it was due to the off season, or the economy. Many places to shop – wonderful art galleries and tons of signs welcoming dogs!  (What else would you expect and a beach front art gallery!!)  We wish we had brought our dog with us, but there were tons of people with theirs and they were kind enough to let the girls pet them.  The people in the area were helpful, friendly, and easy going.  We stopped in, got some ice cream, and walked around to gather some souvenirs.  It was hard to leave, but the weather held out well and as we got ready to leave Monday it started pouring rain, so we are glad we had two clear days which weren’t too cold.  This really was a wonderful trip, cannot wait to head back!

Astoria Bridge, Astoria, OR  http://www.oldoregon.com/visitor-info/entry/astoria-megler-bridge/

Seaside Aquarium http://www.seasideaquarium.com/index.php

Seaside Downtown Wine Walk  http://www.seasideor.com/item.asp?iid=19&eid=53

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