Bucket List Follow Up

Well, the summer came and went – so fast I couldn’t blink. I don’t think I got alot of things crossed off the list.  We crossed off a few things. I took a couple trips to Seattle with my Sister in Law to hang out in Seattle and do all the Crazy Touristy stuff (The Gum Wall, Marketplace Ghost Tours, Pike’s Place Market, The Fremont Troll, etc..) and we went and saw The King Tut Exhibit. Which we both agree would have been way cooler if we could of traveled to Egypt to see it and get a stamp on our passport, but still it was pretty cool.  We camped in the backyard, had smores and stared at all the stars until we fell asleep. The girls and I hit up some new parks and we traveled up to Mt Rainer, which we’ve been trying to do forever. I’ve been reading to the girls as much as we can – I’ve been reading a book called The Mysterious Benedict Society, which they seem to love. I think this winter I’m going to start teaching them to cook, not just the little stuff some of the family recipes.

I’m still committed to traveling more, although right now I’m trying to work on working out more….I SO want to buy that little black dress from Folly! 🙂 So one tick at a time and the Bucket List will get checked off, but I noticed too things will get added. It’s all about enjoying life and showing the girls there is so much more out there than just their front door!

Bring on winter, let’s see what we can add to The Bucket List!

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