The Vampire Diaries, Season 1 Review

Interesting enough I was stumbling around looking for a new series to watch, and I ran into The Vampire Diaries. There are 3 Seasons on Netflix and I just completed Season 1. I have to say, I was thinking it would be a typical overly dramatic teen show bust, but it actually is well written and enjoyable.

The fact that they take the time to set up the History of Mystic Falls and keep bringing all these artifacts into each episode keeps the watcher wondering how each one ties to the other. I love the fact that Elena Gilbert (played by Nina Dobrev) is not a push over when it comes to The Salvatore Brothers (played by Paul Wesley and Iam Somerhalder). Typically these women put in these roles play a little to easy to get as far as I’m concerned, I mean come on ladies – these men have been around for hundreds of years – give them a little run for their money! Also, I thought it was hilarious the way they made random dropped comments about sparkling vampires and poorly depicted writing, and sure did Anne Rice a favor by saying how she got it right. Which, if you truly enjoy the mystery of historical writing and vampire legend, she really does get it on point.

While I’m not going to drop spoilers because I detest it when people do that in reviews I will say this; I just started a few episodes into Season 2 and Katherine Pierce (also played by Nina Dobrev), The Salvatore’s “maker” and long lost love, is defiantly making things interesting. The Doppelganger thing between her and Elena Gilbert makes you keep watching to see which one comes up next. (Here’s a small hint (not a spoiler): watch the necklaces). Right now I’m on the edge of a seat waiting to see what will happen because there are some stumbling blocks with Elena and Stefan Salvatore, but I’m sure in the end things will work out for the best. Also, it’s very interesting to watch Damon Salvatore have a continual struggle with his humanity. His facial contortions alone are worth watching because he looks so curious, and yet as if he doesn’t care – he could just rip your head off and care less.

Interesting to me is the way that different Vampire shows portray the aspects of being a vampire. I like the way this show takes away the whole “glamoring” aspect and calls it “compelling” when they erase someone’s memories. It seems more realistic. If your looking for your teen to watch this, be careful they understand the amount of teenage drinking and physical interaction is not a reality – at least not in our house anyway. Mystic Falls is lax in their parenting as the teens seem to run the town and The Mystic Grill which is the local hang out. Just remind them, this is a television show, not reality.

Overall it’s a great series so far, can’t wait to see the next two Seasons and catch this year’s season on Thursday, Oct 11th at 8/7 C on the CW.

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