Politics – Speak up, Say what?!

I’ve never been one to air my politics unless I’m having an educated conversation with someone, but an old friend of mine made a Facebook post that really spurred me into action. Lately it really seems that everyone wants to complain about what politicians are doing wrong.Last I checked, I didn’t see anyone volunteering to take over for the President and meet with Korea to discuss the Nuclear Arms Race. Any takers? No? Didn’t think so….

I started to wonder, how many of these complainers are actually registered to vote? I thought about asking, but then decided politics is kind of like religion and views on abortion – they are VERY personal and private decisions that don’t need to be asked by a writer. However I will say this, there is a lot of misinformation stewing around about all the candidates and I would, as my friend did, encourage people to start doing their own digging.

When did it become popular to agree with someone, just because you were to ignorant to make your own decision?

Yes, I did say ignorant, don’t be offended (as I know some of you will be) because I akin that kind of decision making to allowing your child to play in a busy NY Street at rush hour. Would you really let that happen? Would you truly allow someone else to tell you what is right and wrong about a candidate who will affect your family, healthcare, income, education and job opportunities down to the price of gas in your vehicle? Are we back in High School where the jock gets to be the King and the cheerleader the Queen? Grow up, no one is pressuring you to agree with misinformation and spread it like gossip, your doing it on your own – that’s right it’s all you.

The next presidents decisions will define the direction our nation will be going in for years to come. While some of you may or may not believe this, we are a lot better off today than we were four years ago and four years before that. The country should be run like a business, not a tactical piece in a dangerous world wide economic game. Our decision making abilities on all things which affect our life from war to health coverage, from abortion through education – will change if we don’t make educated decisions about the candidate we choose.

For the love of all mankind, please don’t sit around and complain about something you don’t intend to change. Or add more noise with uninformed comments about candidates. That’s like listening to nails on a chalkboard. Take action, be the change – or sit back in the passengers seat and shut up. Let those of us who are informed drive, and you can stow the backseat driver behavior. No one likes to listen to a whiner, which is all you’ll be if you don’t stand up and vote.

I urge you, don’t go to the poll and vote for the popular guy or gal. Don’t listen to the noise, seek the truth about all the candidates. Go to the poll educated and vote for the person who best aligns themselves with your personal goals for yourself and your family. Vote for the person who you think can secure the US future and move us into a competitive place with other nations. Vote for the person who inspires change and demands action. Vote for the person who sees the future and doesn’t dwell on the past. Vote for the person who makes the impossible possible and isn’t afraid of making the unpopular decisions.

Most of all, get educated on the facts and vote.

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” -John F. Kennedy

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