Review: The Lean Startup …in 30 Minutes – A Concise Summary of Eric Ries’ Bestselling Book

This is a summary of Eric Ries’ bestselling book, The Lean Startup.  A few of the topics covered are understanding that entrepreneurship requires a certain type of management, as well as, being open to learn and validate your findings. What an excellent tool for someone wanting to have a rapid (about 20-30 minutes) learning session about options for running a lean business.  It’s important to understand why startups fail and the path to creating a successful company, this book takes the time to show how to learn from common mistakes made, as well as become innovative.

Entrepreneurship must have a particular type of management in place to be successful. As a business person you must also be willing to try, document, learn and validate all the findings. These are a few of the tools this swift summary of Eric Ries’ bestselling book, The Lean Startup, will teach you. This book is a must have for your desktop at work if you’re looking to understand how you can build a successful startup, or improve upon a current business endeavor. Up-front and to the point, this book has wonderful chapter notes which highlight the key points at the end of each chapter. These will be tools you and your business can use to deliberately sidestep the common mistakes many businesses make during initial growth.

If you’re looking to create a successful company or improve your company’s performance, it can be learned and strategically planned. The book speaks of adhering to the foundation of a business like strengthening management and not waiting ideas, talent and energy. There is no fluff in this book, straightforward and to the point – with useful chapter notes which highlight key points in each chapter.  Learning from the author’s mistakes, will put you at an advantage for success.  Excellent book for a business savvy person and a wonderful desktop reference books you will use for years to come.

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