Review: Gluten Free Lifestyle: A Health Guide, Shopping & Home Tips, 66 Easy Recipes

I have read quite a few of these gluten-free (GF)  cookbooks and books in the last few years. Several years back my step-mom was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease. At first I thought it was very confusing and I was worried every time she came over to eat. I would stress and strain at the grocer trying to figure out what she could eat. At the time, grocers didn’t really make it that easy to purchase box-ready GF products. My Mom did a great job of debunking myths and providing resources to learn more about being GF and the issues with gluten in our everyday diet.

While providing 66 simply delicious recipes, this book goes way beyond that by teaching meal planning and providing tips and hints for shopping and transitioning to being gluten-free. It discusses the grains which are allowed and not allowed, and provides an intensive and all-inclusive Food Guide, as well as recipes and external resources for continued research on gluten and being gluten-free. This guide is a must have if your new to being gluten-free or are in search of adding to your gluten-free cookbooks.  Whether you have wheat allergies, gluten sensitivity, and celiac disease or just want a healthier lifestyle; this guide should be on your kitchen counter for repeated use.

There are so many baked goods recipes in this book; it’s going to make our next family gathering easy as pie. No more will there be anxiety and struggles to figure out what to buy and not buy – the book delivers a handy guide to take to the store to use as a tool.  Filled with advice on baking without gluten, filling your pantry, making pasta and tips/resources for living gluten-free – Gluten Free Lifestyle has to be on your kitchen counter for repeated use! This book really shows a true understanding of what it means to be gluten-free and that being so, doesn’t mean food has no flavor, it’s just wheat-less.


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