The Paleo Diet Solution Cookbook: 300 Easy, Healthy, and Delicious Paleo Recipes

Several years ago, we tried the no-carb diet, which was great for weight loss, but it truthfully felt like all we ate was meat, cheese and eggs. There weren’t a lot of alternatives back then, other than some expensive protein bars (which were hard to find). Initially reading this cookbook, I began to see another possibility to eliminating carbs from your diet, without foregoing taste. One of the delightful details about the recipes is that they can be as sophisticated as entertaining for a dinner party, or as simple as grabbing a quick snack, lunch or fix.  It makes entertaining, while still staying on a sensible diet, a snap!  This homemade food truly is enjoyable; and the cookbook swiftly creates an environment in your kitchen where cooking is no longer a routine, it’s pleasurable.  This cookbook delivers a way to live gluten free and not skimp on taste.

I made the Paleo Breakfast Burrito this morning, which is a delicious alternative to actually using a tortilla, the eggs are the tortilla. My family loved it served with breakfast patties and some sliced tomatoes, everyone enjoyed the food.  Without having sugary cereals or grains for breakfast, the meal provided get-up-and-go without making any of us feel heavy from eating breakfast.

Make sure you keep plenty of fresh spices on hand for this cooking journey, you will enjoy it!

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