Fifty Shades of Passion: An Erotic Guide to Exploring Fifty Shades with Your Lover

Unless you’ve recently moved here from another planet – you have heard the craze of Fifty Shades of Grey. Some call it Mommy Porn, others call it a way to tap into a desire you may not have realized you had to spice up a physical relationship with a lover.  If you’ve read it, or even only heard about it, curiosity may have got you wondering if you could implement some of the exhilarating moments in your own sex life. The author delicately and professionally lays out in detail several different levels of safe and sexy play. If you’re courageous enough to venture beyond the harmless boundaries of “vanilla sex” this book delivers not only the various stages, but actual scenarios which could easily be inserted in daily life to get relaxed with BDSM.  It also shatters the misnomer that BDSM is only about punishment and pleasing the dominant, but rather it is about pleasing a partner and enjoying the “punishment” which in most cases leads to pleasure. Remember ladies, the dominant is always a man, sometimes it’s the woman. The book is an excellent read for anyone considering this type of lifestyle, Dom or Sub.  Or someone who just wants to shake things up a bit, but is panicky about how to go about doing that. The author provides strong step-by-step instructions as well as a glossary of terms and locations on ground as well as online where you can purchase materials. If you want to modernize and free the ties of your sex life, this is the book to read.

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