Potato Soup From Scratch

In September our daughter had been fighting off a series of illnesses for about a month and wasn’t getting any better. Driving home from the doctor she said, “MaMa I wish you’d make me some soup, I just know that would make me better. I don’t wanna be sick anymore. ” So I did and here is what I came up with on the fly…..

8 baking potoats

1/3 cup flour

1 stick butter

6 cups of milk

1/4 cup sour cream

Salt, Pepper and Paparkia to taste

Grease the potatos with olive oil and bake on 400 for about 1 hour. Once finished cut them in half and dump the insides into a bowl, salt and pepper to taste. (Save the skins and bake them off to crips as well to make a nice snack later.) In a soup pot, melt the stick of butter (careful not to burn) and put about 2 tbs in the bowl of potatos. To the soup pot witht he butter add the flour to make a roux – BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO BURN!! As the roux thickens, add 1 cup of milk allow to thicken and then add the remaining 3 cups. Let this warm through, but don’t boil as you will scald the milk and butter. Add the potato mixture and heat through. After it has heated through, use an immersion blender to mix everything together throughuly. This will create a thick soup base.Add the remaining milk until the soup reaches the thickness you care for. Ensure you heat it all the way throug.

Garnish with bacon, chives, cheese, sour cream or serve with croutons, toast or crackers.

She started getting better about a week later…I don’t think it healed her, but it helped our weary souls. Food has away of equalizing physical and emotional health. Be well.

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