Thanksgiving Lesson

This has been a bit of a year of self discovery for me personally. Our girls are growing up too fast! As they get older I try to intertwine school and life lessons together. I was tossing and turning the other night trying to decide what to use to teach our kids about Thanksgiving. There are two meanings to Thanksgiving – there is the Indians and the Pilgrims and then there is the bigger lesson about love and forgiveness. I choose the latter this year, they’ve got plenty of time to learn about the history.

We spent alot of time discussing what we were thankful for.

Emma: I’m thankful for my Rabbi (stuffed animal), my family, and sissy. I’m thankful for sissy’s hugs….Sometimes I’m thankful for Twinkies. I’m thankful for gymnastics.

Kayla: I’m thankful for my Rabbi and my blankie, and my sissy and my Mommy and Daddy…. My family, and swimming, and my pets and I’m thankful for my school at home. And I am thankful for my home.

It just reminds me that all the racing around and the drama that gets added to 60 days out of the year really doesn’t matter. Kids have a funny way of equalizing everything and allowing all the BS to filter out and let the important things shine through. So, I decided I’d do the lesson myself, and write my own:

MaMa: I’m thankful for my loving, hardworking, kind hearted, handsome husband who cares for us and never asks twice about anything; he makes the worlds most amazing father with the patience and endless love for his two little girls. 15 years is a long time to be with someone, and even though we’ve had some bumps, we are stronger today than ever because we equalize each other and we both understand what matters most is what’s under this roof, not what’s outside the front door.

I’m thankful for our beautiful blessings of twin girls whom I waited my entire life to have – being their Mommy is my biggest gift. I’m thankful for our animals Bunkie and Dora who allow us to laugh and play dressup with them and they never blink an eye. I’m thankful for my SIL and BIL who love our girls beyond measure and always support us with words and actions; I’m grateful our two families get closer and closer every year.

I’m thankful for my SIL for being a true best friend, one who can help me laugh at myself even when I’m being bullheaded, take me to task when I need it or giggle with me when I’m exhausted and can’t put two words together. I’m thankful for my parents who are much more worldly than I and always share all their experiences and their life lessons with love, patience and understanding. I’m thankful for PaPa who is always happy to see his sweet grandbabies and always has a laugh ready to share.  He never judges, just takes it for what it is and enjoys his time.  I’m thankful for our son Tyler, who challenges us during his teen years as teens should, but who is a kind and always makes time for his little sisters.

Mostly I’m thankful for my life, this year I’m thankful I learned that life isn’t about other idiot’s attempts at instigating fights or causing drama;  it’s about the hugs from my husband, the laughter of our girls, forgiveness and knowing whose important and impactful on our families life and whose not. I’m thankful I’ve learned to speak my truth and understand gratitude. Screw everybody else, we’re “HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY” over here ya’ll (and we love it!).

Happy (all be it late) Thanksgiving from our crazy family to yours. ((hugs))


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