3 Ways to Stay Motivated as a Homeschooling Parent

This is a great motivational tool for looking at homeschooling from a different angle. We all suffer from days of not wanting to do anything or getting stuck in a rut.

Simply Senia

The post-holiday winter months are often one of the most difficult periods for a homeschooling parent. The dreary weather can close the family in the house for weeks on end. Additionally, cold and flu season can sidetrack the most dedicated homeschooling parents. January, February and March are so challenging because the holidays are long past, spring seems ages away and school feels like it will never end. As one long-term homeschooling parent put it, “To be so short, February feels like such a long month.”

Learning to stay motivated is what separates novice homeschooling parents from life-long home educators. When you are tired of the same old books, the same old routine and cabin fever sets in, you have to figure out how to force yourself keep going. By preparing for these difficult periods and expecting them to come, feelings of gloom and boredom need not sidetrack your home school…

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