Phillip Phillips – The World From The Side of The Moon

Well, as promised Phillip Phillips debute release did not disappoint. Usually you hear a blip from the TV Produced stars – and then – they gone! However he had quite a following, and after some well deserved rest and retreat, The World From The Side of The Moon was born. “Moon” started at No. 4 on the main album chart, selling 169,000 copies (according to Interscope Records), then went on to debute at No. 1 on the Top Rock – this would technically make Phillips the first Idol winner ever to top that chart. It currently sits at No. 7 on the Billboard 200, still holding strong at No. 1 on Rock Albums. Currently, “Home” is listed as No. 15 on Itunes Best of 2012.

It is a really well rounded cd, a far cry from his comparison with Dave Matthews – he blends Indie and Southern Rock with a gentle spirit. My personal favorite is written by Phillips, track 1 on the cd – Man on The Moon. It’s a great way to lead you into the album, and take you on the journey of the songs. On the cd he wrote all but three of the songs (which the others he apparently co-wrote according to his interview on the Today Show) – it’s nice to see an artist who doesn’t just sing others work, who truly speaks their truth and show their artistry.

“Home” has obviously had great commerical success everywhere: 2012 Olympic Women’s Gymnastics Team, the Clint Eastwood Summer Hit, Trouble With The Curve, and even and insurance commerical for America Family Insurance! While his original American Idol “theme” song is an excellent and commericalized success it looks as though he may be branching out for his next single release off the album.

Phillips spoke to Yahoo! Canada Music in early December 2012, and dropped the news that the next single to be released will be “Gone, Gone, Gone.” It appears to be a song that while written by Todd Clark, Derek Fuhrmann and Gregg Watteber he is able to make his own with each performance. “It’s a good little love song. Todd Clark and Derek Fuhrmann, they wrote [it] and brought it to me and I thought it was a beautiful song. The more I’ve played it live, the more I’ve made it more my own and people seem to really connect with it and really enjoy it so I’m excited to see how that song’s going to do.” -Phillips

Whatever he chooses to do, he will have several fans in this house. Along with myself, our 7 year old twins ask for the CD to be played over and over! His sweet Southern charm, inspirational music and ability to love and build upon his craft makes him a true musician in our eyes. Enjoy!

**Disclaimer: This album belongs to me, I did not receive it as a promotional item – opinions are my own.**

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