Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire

Opening her fifth album, Girl on Fire, with yet another remarkable piano piece – De Novo Adagio, the anew truly does make you feel at ease and take you on a heartfelt trip through unpredictable emotions.

Currently sitting on Billboard’s Hot 100 at 14 and No. 3 on the R&B/Hip-hop chart, Girl on Fire, Inferno Version with Nicki Minaj takes me back to old school hip-hop. Minaji opens it up with a rap about Marilyn Monroe, and Keys comes in commanding – creating an anthem for women to understand they can do all and be all they want to be – a dreamer, a creator, a lover, a mother, a friend and a soulstress – dominant and full of understanding that women are who drive life and love. The two together create an influential partnership.

Brand New Me shows the ability to address the past, and speak to it – while understanding you’re current and future. Often people hide from their past and don’t bother to appreciate and acknowledge where they came from, not allowing them the freedom to live life without regret. This is a crucial to understanding who you are for yourself or any relationships you have. Never put yourself second, make sure you are true to you, so you can be true to others.

My personal favorite is “Listen to Your Heart”……

Don’t forget Keys began playing piano at age 7 and graduated from Professional Performing Arts School at 16 as valedictorian. Her attention to detail shows in each piece of this and her previous albums as well as her ability to truly embrace being a woman who knows her rightful place in the Universe.

Well, well.. I have always been an Alicia Keys fan, but her latest CD is h-o-t! The sultry, soul woman has once again not disappointed with an album that inspires, moves and make your heart sing with love and empowerment. Enjoy!

**Disclaimer: This album belongs to me, I did not receive it as a promotional item – opinions are my own.**

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