Anna Jarvinen – Man Var Bland Molnen

Released in March of 2009, Man Var Bland Molnen by artist Anna Javinen is simply delicious. Released by Swedish record label Hapna, as a Pop album, I hardly see how this qualifies as pop music, it’s one of the most relaxing albums I have ever listened to. To me personally it seems more along the Adult Alternative line, but I’m not in Sweden (regrettably!) and I know music in other countries follow different guidelines.

I read that she originally moved to Stockholm around the age of six, and really always loved music. She was originally with a Swedish pop group Granada from mid-90’s until they split up in 2003. She has three albums in total: 2007 – Jag fick feeling placed 46 on the Swedish Charts, 2009 – Man var bland molnen placed 18 and her most recent debut in 2011 – Anna själv tredje which was at 6.

This artist has a soft sweet voice on some tracks which relax and almost seem dreamlike. While others have a staunch electric guitar with a bit of a techno/pop vibe. On those her voice is more commanding, but still enjoyable. Anna shows the range of her voice, which is pleasurable to listen to. My personal favorite, which is no surprise when translated, is Sosial Kompetens, in English it means Social Skills. Her tender voice caresses over the music as if she is guiding or teaching a lesson to her listeners.

The only reason I found this cd was because someone emntioned it in passing, so thank gosh for that! I will be buying her other two albums, her voice is bittersweet and gentle. Do I know what she is saying? No it is in Swedish! Do I care? NO! I love this CD – It is amazing!

**Disclaimer: This album belongs to me, I did not receive it as a promotional item – opinions are my own. Also, I do not speak Swedish, I just love the album, so please don’t send nasty grams. Be kind. Thank you.

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