Flu vs. Cold

Well it’s been an interesting 10 days in our household. What started out as a simple head cold for E turned into a long week of research, doctor’s visits and a game of “Can you guess this symptom?”

The largest difference between a cold and the flu is if you have the flu (in our families case) you have little to no appetite, body aches, headaches, watery eyes, exhaustion, high fever – everything becomes heightened from just a regular run of the mill cold. If you think you have the flu, it is recommended by our pediatrician and my personal doctor to get to a Dr. in the first 48 hours so they can give you Tamiflu – if you miss that 48 hours window, the Tamiflu will not help. We were told by Day 3 you just need to ride it out. The Tamiflu does not necessarily cure, it just shaves a day off the flu. Even if you received the flu shot, it is only 66.7% effective against the flu; it isn’t a fail safe – don’t assume if you have the flu shot you won’t get the flu (that was our greatest misconception as well).

During the week we heard all kinds of helpful treatments from friends and family, which most of them did help momentarily  -I wanted to share them incase you have a sick little one at home.

Thank you to The Aums Mommy who answered my frustrated tweet:  at bedtime rub Vicks on her feet and cover with socks to help with coughing, also rub on chest/neck and cover with bandana. For you, use Throat Coat Tea for your sore throat.  (which both did wonders!)

Thank you to the poor nurse who answered my frantic call when E’s temp hit 103, her advice: switch between Tylenol and Advil every other treatment – this allows the body to not get used to one type of medicine. It allows the ibuprofen and the acetaminophen to battle the fever together. Always go by the weight of the child, not by their age in order to keep from over dosing.

Auntie Marnie’s recommendation for ADULTS ONLY: To ease a sore throat, I gargle with 100 proof vodka. You can use 80 proof but it does not seem as effective.  Yes, it tastes terrible, yes it will burn your throat like crazy, but it works! The first day, I gargle 2-3 times a day with a half a shot of vodka each time.  My sore throat is usually gone within a day, but an additional gargle or two may be needed.  This is NOT recommended for children.

Thank you to Kendall for letting us know she has “a girlfriend who is taking all kinds of classes and one class the where growing cultures, cold, flu even MRSA and nothing killed them except for Lysol (wipes) and or bleach mix. Clorox did NOT kill it.” Good to know!

We used humidifier, hot showers, cool cloths, natural cough and cold medicine, non-natural cough and cold medicine, tea, hot cocoa, no dairy, homemade chicken soup, washed everything down with disinfectant, must have done 10 loads of laundry, cleaned every surface, washed toothbrushes, etc.. but in the end the flu won. We went to the ped who gave the twins a prescription for cough medicine and E a shot of something for her wheezing cough. I followed up with my Dr. who also gave me a prescription for cough medicine and 72 hours later we are s-l-o-w-l-y on the mend.

Long story short E had a cold, which turned into the flu, which she then gave to me and to Bunkie-dog, she gave it to K and now maybe just maybe the Hubs (who never gets sick) may slide by without it. Lesson learned: the flu is nothing to doubt. Just because you got the flu shot, doesn’t mean you won’t get the flu. And when you ask a bunch of Mommies and Aunties for help – you get a village of amazing people to support you, thank you to everyone who volunteered ideas to help our littles and me, we appreciate all of you!

Take care of yourselves! Hugs!!

**disclaimer: I am not a Dr. I am a mother of twins, and these are remedies that worked for our family. Use any of them at your own discretion and risk.**

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