Monday Listicles

I’m late! I’m late for a very important Monday date! Wow it’s been a long 10 days what started out as colds in our house, quickly turned to flu passed to every family member in our home. So, you’ll forgive me if my Monday Listicles is on a Tuesday timeline. 🙂

The writing challenge this week was 10 things in my closet so here we go:

1.) My favorite high heel chocolate brown leather “sexy” boots! (woot woot for sexy for a MaMa of twins!!)
2.) a Dora The Explorer Laundry hamper overfilled with 3 days worth of laundry
3.) Hubbin’s athletic shoes
4.) a scale which gets little attention
5.) a lot of dust (which I never understand)
6.) a shelf full of medicine and boo-boo fixes up high where little hands can’t get it
7.) My favorite long-sleeved oversize Old Navy sweater
8.) sheet sets
9.) My Grandma’s crystal
10.) a hand painted japanese parasol My Dad had made for me an a Cultural Fair when I was about 7 or 8

That’s an eclectic mix! What’s in your closet?

This should be fun!!

Happy Monday & Tuesday!

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