Quick Week Night One Pan Meal – 4 Indgredients!

They say necessity brings creativity to an attempted cook. Well, Saturday night I had two kids who weren’t eating because they were feeling bad, a hungry husband and me a tired Mommy/Wifey. I hadn’t been to the market, so we had a lot of mismatched groceries which could have made a fancy meal. What we really needed was some warm comfort food. So with 4 ingredients I made a one pan meal, which got rave reviews (which is hard to come by with my 3 picky eaters)!!

Prep time – 20 minutes Bake Time – 15-20 minutes at 425

1 box of Jiffy Cornbread Mix

1 can Bush Vegetarian Baked Beans

2 tbsp dark brown sugar

5 baked chicken thighs

Pre-heat the oven to 425 degrees. You will need a cutting board, knife, spatula, can opener, trash bowl, tbsp measuring unit, a cup measure and a glass baking dish.

Follow the directions on the Jiffy Mix (need milk and 1 egg) and set the uncooked mix aside, this will be the topping.

Take the pre-cooked chicken thighs and separate them from the bone, removing all fat and skin if there is any. Once separated dice up into bite size cubes.

In the pan add the beans, then fold in the chicken until it is covered. Sprinkle the brown sugar over the top. Now pour the cornbread mix over the top to create a topping – you may need to use a spatula to spread it a bit so it covers everything.

Bake for about 15-20 minutes depending on the oven. Remember everything is cooked, except the cornbread. All the other ingredients will heat through while the cornbread is cooking.

After you take it out, let it sit for 5 minutes so everything can meld together. We served ours with a bit of shredded cheese over the top. This by itself is a meal, but it is possible to serve it with a salad, or some mixed vegetables.

We don’t have a name for this, so if your interested in submitting a name, feel free! 🙂


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