Great Series of Children’s Books by Annie Fox

The twins and I had the privilege of reviewing some new Kindle children’s books by Annie Fox over the weekend. The books are great for kids of all ages! I’ve included the titles, our reviews (including some insight from E n K) as well as links for you to get them. She is amazing author and I think your family would enjoy them!

People Are Like Lollipops, $2.99 at Amazon:    This book is a delightful way to understand that we are all the same, no matter what shape or wrapper we come in. The lesson is a delicate way to teach empathy and tolerance for all cultures. K, our 7 year old, says she likes the book very much. Her favorite part was when the Old Man of Salizar held the Lollipop with all the people on it. She liked the way the illustrator used lots of colors.

Are We Lost? (Raymond and Sheila Stories – Book 2), $2.99 at Amazon:    What a vibrant book and an excellent lesson about growing up and independence. Sheila, the sister, is so nervous to let her little brother, Raymond, head over to the ice cream stand. Raymond’s confidence out weighs his ability, but in the end he learns he’s stronger than he thinks. E, our 7 year old twins, favorite part was when the ice cream melted because Raymond had to lick it and actually eat the ice cream. She thought Raymond was especially important because he is little and is 5 and 5/12 old. She also thinks Raymond’s big sister, Shelia, should go to the ice cream stand and see if he’s there, not ask everybody.

Are You My Friend? (Raymond and Sheila Stories), $1.99 at Amazon:   Sheila does a great job of accepting her little brother Raymond for who he is. Raymond is nervous, but reaches out and makes a new friend, Iggy. This story shows that even if your nervous about making new friends, you might find you have more in common with them than  you thought! Ilana does a great job of showing us that it’s good to not judge others, even if its your brother or sister invading your space. We all may feel  lonely and left out sometimes, but making new friends is a great way to grow and learn to accept others. Kayla, our 7 year old twin, liked that Raymond believed that Snowball was his friend and could talk, even though the other people said Snowball wasn’t real. It reminds me of my Rabbit, she is like Snowball she can talk and she is real. The other part she really liked is how Raymond made a new friend, like her Sissy and she made a new friend named Katie. They were nervous, but now they love to play together.
You may also visit the author at to learn more about her amazing life’s work as a well-respected educator and award-winning author.



One thought on “Great Series of Children’s Books by Annie Fox

  1. Dear Paige, I feel so honored to see your reviews of my books. What a treat to know that you and your girls enjoyed People Are Like Lollipops and the adventures of Raymond and Sheila. Thank you very much for your kind words and for your loving spirit.
    In friendship,

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