New Sibling Jealousy

I’ve started a new writing venture with the fabulous individuals at Ohh Belly. With lots of topics to cover, jump over there for a little conversation on bringing a new baby into the family.

Ooh Belly | Because every family matters!

You’ve gotten the thrilling news you’re expecting, you have lots of time to prepare and as enthusiasm builds with the pending arrival of a new family member, you notice not everyone is quite as warmhearted.  You may rationalize that this will work itself out as time goes on. After the baby is born, your family will be one happy cohesive unit singing songs and joyfully skipping through life. However, be cautioned Mommies, it’s imperative to dial in to what your son or daughter is saying, or not saying, about the impending arrival of your bundle of joy.

It is common place in today’s fast paced society to not appreciate or honor feelings individuals have. Especially as women, or young girls, the message is often to just deal personally with those feelings and don’t act upon them – put them away in a small box as if they never existed.  This…

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