Whatever you do – DON’T DO THAT?!

Well this Monday Listicles keeps getting more fun each week. I chuckled when I read this weeks topic of “Oh no you didn’t” Valentine’s gifts. However, let’s be honest, it’s a tad odd to have one singular day out of the year to tell someone you love them. If you have to put a bunch of effort out on one day, maybe you should reevaluate your relationship. It should be fun and random acts of love all year long, no matter how silly, serious, tiny or grand – have some fun.

So here’s a few that may make any woman shake her head a little and say “um.. ok..”

1.) Kitchen Utensils (awkward….)

2.) Condoms or a sex basket (seriously?!)

3.)  A picture of yourself in a frame, stating your awesomeness.

4.) A gift given to you by another person (re gifting is ok, but it doesn’t show much thought)

5.) Appliances

6.) An extremely expensive gift (trying a little too hard)

7.) Gifts that “help” with weight loss (ugh!)

8.) Roses – does she even like them?

9.) Lingerie in the WRONG size (you better KNOW what your buying – nothing says I love you like assuming your partner is one size and they are not…..)

10.) Live animals (unless you’ve been with someone for a really long time, this is a major no-no)

Somethings you can do? Listen and pay attention to what they love to do. Love music, have an Ipod – Itunes. Love cooking, have a great kitchen – how about a gift card to Sur la table? Don’t assume everyone loves roses, because alot of us don’t. Does she love fresh cut flowers – stop by Pike’s Place and pick up some fresh from the farm bouquets. Love food – find a really great restaurant, or better yet – cook, yes, I said cook.  Passionate about the environment – find a local cause to donate to in her name. Write love notes and put them in her lunch, or a post it on her steering wheel. Put a single flower on her purse or briefcase before she heads out the door. Call and leave her a sweet voicemail.

Whatever you do, it doesn’t have to be epic, it just has to show you remembered. It doesn’t have to cost a penny. Men think women are complicated creatures, but in fact we are simple. Just remember and acknowledge. Don’t repeat the same behavior, change it up a little.

Happy V-day, good luck men! Some of you are gonna need it. ❤

9 thoughts on “Whatever you do – DON’T DO THAT?!

  1. Great list! They sure do put a lot of pressure on one little day. 🙂 Completely agree that love is something you express every day, rather than once a year. A gift doesn’t need to be expensive or showy, but heartfelt. Some times little gestures mean more than a diamond tennis bracelet. I should stress that I wouldn’t refuse a diamond tennis bracelet as long as it came with a heartfelt message (and no debt!)

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