What was I thinking buying THAT?!

I started cracking up when I was thinking back about this weeks Listicles. I have always been sucked in by those As Seen On TV ads…. I’m that marketers favorite person. See the thing is they make it seem so easy, so I’m thinking it really must be that easy and make my life that much better…. yeah no not so much.

So in tribute to horrible purchase and Monday Listicles, here are some of the 10 Dumbest Purchases I’ve ever made

1. The Thigh Master – Seriously just because Suzanne Summer looks amazing, doesn’t mean the damn thing really works….it’s a little weird-looking if you think about it.

2.) Wonder Hangers – they are not wonderful, they do create space in your closet, but only if everything you own is a size 0 pant made of linen, or a t-shirt that has mostly see through material. Hang a sweater or a pair of jeans and the thing breaks.

3.) Ab Lounger  – yeah NOT! More like the laundry lounger

4.) Epilday – oh my fricking cheese balls! I think that thing must have been a torcher device is some mid evil kingdom at some point. Thanks anyway, I’ll stick to wax.

5.) Shoe organizer from Ikea, yeah it doesn’t really help to have to cram your dress shoes into a space taking up valuable real estate for your clothes. ugh!

6.) Store bought bread. I know it sounds silly, but I can make 10 loaves of bread each 1.5 lbs, fresh for 1/2 the cost a loaf of good bread costs at the bread store. The time it takes to set it up is less than 10 minutes, it cooks in 2.5 hours, and if you set it up overnight or first thing in the AM you have it when you need it. Bonus is it has 5 ingredients, and nothing weird or that you can’t pronounce in it.

7.) Playpen – I have heard parents used them regularly and we thought we would. We took it a couple of places, used it as a time out space, but it never really got good use and we resold it, it was practically brand new.

8.) Emotional toy purchases. I am a sucker for my kids, and in the past if they would ask for something usually if it was a reasonable price and they seemed truly interested in it I would buy it for them. Major error, I have given away so many of those toys its silly. Now their favorite thing is library books!

9.) Here’s one from my hubs: White Ceiling Paint. In the past we always bought the one that was tinted purple, until we painted our bedroom ceiling. For some reason we didn’t get the one that was tinted purple (and dried white) and we must have painted and repainted the ceiling ten times. ugh!

10.) A pair of super cute pants from Old Navy that were 1 size too small. This is an open invitation to myself to say, get real. You are the size you are and while those pants are cute – you should have waited to buy them when you were that size. Clothes don’t motivate me, so I should have known better.

We’ve all had some crazy purchases in our life. The one thing mine have in common is most of them are emotional purchases, which is never a good way to buy things. Now I take the time to ask is that really something I need to have, or the kids need to have. If the answer is maybe, then more than likely it’s no….

“Some people pride themselves on their riches and power—their wealth, honour, and social position. But these are only transitory. Nothing will remain with you in death.” – Ramakrishna

8 thoughts on “What was I thinking buying THAT?!

  1. Nice list. I would love to make my own bread. Yum! And I bet it smells so good coming out of the kitchen. I couldn’t stop laughing at ” Seriously just because Suzanne Summer looks amazing, doesn’t mean the damn thing really works”. On a side note, I would love to meet a real person that has tried those facial products that Cindy Crawford uses (made out of those melons) – I wanna know if it really works.

    LOL – the laundry lounger…too funny.

    I found your blog today through Monday Listicles.

    Have a great day!

  2. Great list. I’ve always resisted buying clothes that are too small for me, but sometimes it’s been really hard to resist, especially if they are found at a resale shop and I love them.

  3. Live and learn! I used to be famous for buying shoes that were a size smaller because they would not have my size and they were cute and half off and maybe they…. Not even epilady hurts as much night of dancing in shoes too small 😉

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