Monday Listicles Ten Fantastic Smells

Well, I consider writing Monday Listicles a little like a religion now. While I’ve been absent for a few weeks dealing with some personal things. This weeks list has gotten me back into it. I will post a couple catch up ones as well, because they are too fun not to!

This week, Ten Fantastic Smells

1.) The Ocean – the smell of the sea is so amazing to me, it’s refreshing.

2.) Calvin Klein’s Obsession – this is my hubs cologne, it’s smokey, spicy and just slightly sweet.

3.) Fresh Baked Bread – this always gets everyone coming over to my house.

4.) Flowers from a Garden

5.) Suntan lotion

6.) French Lavender

7.) Vanilla

8.) Sandalwood

9.) Coffee beans

10.) The smell right before it rains.




9 thoughts on “Monday Listicles Ten Fantastic Smells

  1. Fresh baked bread made my list too, and coffee beans smell really good too, but I like the scent of fresh brewed coffee first thing in the morning. What makes French lavender smell different than other lavenders – I am curious now!

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