ibotta App

Well this is interesting…. Normally I don’t do these types of apps because I find they are too much extra work for little reward. However, weekend before last another super saver Mom was telling me about a new app called ibotta.

Today during grocery shopping I put it through the paces I bought a movie, drink items, food items, etc… In the app you choose the offers to take advantage of, most even offer more than just one offer. For example I bought a movie, the coupon was for $5.00 – watched a 30 second video, took a quick one click poll and a post on Facebook. Total time less than 2 minutes to complete the offer. After verifying that the Proof of Purchase matched the offer (which you can do through the app), I scanned the receipt and sent in the request. Funds are deposited in a PayPal account.

So easy! What’s even better is you can use coupons on your purchase and it won’t change your ibotta offer. Double the savings.

I thought it was too good to be true, truth is it’s easy as they say!

Earn $10 cash just for trying the free Ibotta app. It’s simple: Ibotta pays you cash for buying your favorite products in over 40 stores. Users have already earned over $1 million. Sign up here! http://ibotta.com/r/BnJEPw


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