Our Crazy Life

Stay Home Mom with a partner of 15 years. We have a big, noisy and loving family which includes twin 6-year-old girls, a 16-year-old step son, 10-year-old rescue dog named Bunkie and 2-year-old rescue guinea pig named Dora. We have a large extended family and attempt to spend as much time as we can with them (which always leads to interesting writing material!).

I home school our twin girls because let’s face it today’s public educational platform is challenged at best. We strongly believe education should be pro-choice and is a very personal decision. Education in all forms is so important and we support people however they choose to educate their children; public, private or home school; we don’t “educationally discriminate.”

I am an aspiring writer with a Master’s Degree in Post Secondary & Adult Education/Organizational Management, Bachelor’s in Business/Human Resources. I’m hoping to take this along with life experience and develop a platform for writing which will help others.

I’m notoriously and apologetically late, usually Murhpy’s Law rules and while I make every attempt not to be, let’s face it, life isn’t a dress rehearsal, with a big family stuff happens. Avid lover of learning, traveling, reading, gardening and cooking….not big on sports, but do like college football and major league baseball. I’m very passionate about animals, equal rights and education…. Read on in the BLOGS!

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