The 5 Most Beautiful Things in the World (This Week) |

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The 5 Most Beautiful Things in the World (This Week) |

My First Bucket List

While reading some of the BLOGS I follow about their Bucket List updates, I was inspired to make my own. While I have never understood Bucket List; lately as I’ve gotten older I have been enlightened to the reality that there are about a million things I want to do personally, as well as with family and friends.

Prioritizing them has been helpful, but it’s also generated more activities I’m fascinated in. Having a Bucket List is in essence setting and achieving goals in life. It doesn’t have to have the morose overtone of “a list of activities to gain completion before death.” Realizing this is almost freeing in a way because you can put down the smallest of activities or the grandest of ideas in one list.

So, I did decide to create a first list, and it’s in no particular order. I say first because as I see from other writers this list will grow and change as I grow and change and complete tasks. My hope is that by writing these down, not only will I achieve them, but it will open up new learning experiences and generate new desires to accomplish more adventurous activities. Also, maybe as I grow older the list will become ordered, but for now it’s about recognizing the desire to do certain things and accomplishing them.

My First Bucket List (2012)

Watch our daughter’s graduate high school

Teach our daughter’s the importance to be in community service to help others

Make more Green Choices

Learn more about conservation

Master and complete my garden

Read daily to our daughters

Complete the NY Times Crossword Puzzle

Volunteer at the local Food Bank

Serve Thanksgiving Dinner at the Mission

Do more physically challenging family activities/trips

Take the twins hiking toMt.Rainier

Plan and go on a family camping trip

Fine tune photography skills

Consistently make time to workout and get in shape

Buy a little black dress

Travel to Canada

Travel to Tibet

Travel to the Redwood Forest, CA with the twins

Travel to Crater Lake

Travel to Sea World, CA

Spend more time with extended family

Travel back to Maui & Kauai

White water rafting

Learn to Windsurf

Learn Snorkle

Gain 500 BLOG followers

Travel back to see my God Parents

Take my family to see New Orleans & Biloxi

Train Bunkie-dog to run an obstacle course

Find a rescue puppy/dog for Bunkie to have a friend

Learn to Ski

Learn to Meditate

Complete a Hot Yoga Class

Obviously there is a large overtone which is travel. I have always been fascinated and felt most at home traveling. In retrospect I think this is because as a kid we were always moving, so until I met my husband I never really put down roots in one spot. While I love our home and I love our roots; it has allowed me to see that I have a strong desire to do world traveling.

Sometimes we don’t know what’s worth doing, until we actually say it, do it and then reflect upon it. I hope for me, this means growth and spending more time with family doing what some may consider crazy, but what I say is worthy of my First Bucket List.


Through My Lens: Amalfi Coast

What an amazing place, adding it to my travel wish list!

sarah | crutchfield

One year ago today, I was traveling around the Amalfi Coast for Spring Break. Today, I am in Fort Worth, TX. Nostalgic? A tad.

Below, find a few of my favorite photos from Sorrento, Capri, Positano and Pompeii.

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Coastal Photography

It would be impossible for me to say enough about the talent of Jason Taylor. Having personally grown up in the South his pictures bring to life the vibrance of the coast and fond memories from childhood. If you love amazing photography, please follow him on Facebook or visit his website.