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Aloha to Friday!


This is my first time hosting a Blog Hop and I thought it would be a fun way to get to know more bloggers and share information.When I think of Aloha Friday, I think of all those crazy Friday’s at work where people would wear Hawaii clothes and be so relaxed…so I thought what better way to start a new hop than to name it after our families favorite love – Hawaii and Aloha! Here’s one of our favorite pictures of the twins first trip to Maui. E was determined she wasn’t going to swim in the ocean…….. Maui 2010 169

So let’s share the Aloha spirit………….If you’d like to co-host the next Aloha Friday Blog Hop please contact me with your fancy-dancy email!¬† I will feature one or two bloggers each week as co-hosts to share the love. ūüôā

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Eco Mom 22


So WHAT are you waiting for? Link up and let’s get this Aloha Friday started!!¬†¬†

A hui hou kakou “Until we meet again”

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The 5 Most Beautiful Things in the World (This Week) |

This is a must see if your a dog lover…. Hop over to the Beekman and checkout these beautiful lovelies!

The 5 Most Beautiful Things in the World (This Week) |

Checking In

Wow what an amazing month this has been! I didn’t even realize I hadn’t written in a while. We have met at TON of new people and are so excited about all the amazing friendships we’ve made. I can not wait to share some of the amazing blogs we’ve read over the last couple of weeks. The stories are so inspirational, the recipes look amazing and the crafts are inspiring.

We participated in an amazing P.E.¬†program through Washington Virtual Academy (WAVA)¬†in partnership with Pacific Lutheran University. The program involved student teachers and a visiting professor to PLU/WAVA High School teacher running a 5 week physical education program, twice a week for about an hour and a half each time. The girls learned a bunch of new ways to work out, they loved their student teachers and made some really great new friends. In the end they got the cutest rewards for all their hard work and “sweat”.¬†Hopefully the program will continue and allow the kids to progress through, as they get older, through various stages of new lessons. What a great program!

I got to participate in my first blog hop.¬†That was a fun way to meet new people, and Katherine from Katherines Corner was so patient¬†with me while I got the ins and outs of html code. I just recently started learning, in very limited fashion, how to write and manipulate some of my own html code. Which has opened up a world of doors as far as adding things to Word Press. However, it also at times has added to frustration when I can’t get a code to work, or try to add something and it shows up – but the code shows up to. This blog has been a true learning experience and continual work in process for me. Hopefully I can resolve my most current issue which is, how to add a Instagram¬†widget – so confusing….an yet so challenging. (hopefully¬†there aren’t a bunch of computer engineers sitting around laughing at me right now – ūüôā )

I have been exercising quite a bit in the last couple of years and recently made the goal to start running again. My overall goal is to walk the Golden Gate Bridge on my 40th, but for a closer goal I had hoped to run a 5k in February 2014. Well, that plan has been botched as recently the pain in my knee got pretty intense. After trying about every home remedy I could think of, I gave up and went in for XRays. Apparently I have osteoarthritis and bone spurs in both my knees. (well that would explain the shooting pain – thinking of bone spurs in painful period!). My doctor said it comes from too much sports when I was younger, along with the impact of current exercise, and not enough concentration on building the muscles in the leg to support the impact to the joint. Interesting….so old age is starting to kick my butt. Not for long – I have a 6 week treatment plan which includes some anti-inflammatory meds, yoga, low impact exercise, as well as starting to work on building leg muscles. So, lesson learned – proper strength training is important. In the meantime, I’m also headed to see a physical therapist whom I hope can help me become stronger overall so I don’t have to keep having an argument with my knee every time I want to walk a couple of miles in the sun.

In the meantime as well we have been working on doing a little more revamping to our diet plan at home. I use diet in the sense of food consumption – not being on a diet. The way a person eats is a lifestyle choice, and while ours is a constant evolution – I’ve recently been motivated by not only LaLa’s desire to be a vegetarian, but by my own desire to cut out the crap food (what little was left). I’ve had a lot of fun trying new recipes and chatting with people about food and meal choices. One of our friends Dottie shared this amazing recipe which we tried the other day¬† – and LOVE IT! We used vegan chocolate chips instead of blueberries (because we’re about blueberry out with smoothies) and it was SO enjoyable! Jump over to her blog and check out the recipes!¬†Thanks Ms. Dottie!!

Almond Pancake Recipe
5 T. Almond Meal (I buy Trader Joe’s) 2 t. Flax meal (I buy Big bag at Costco)
1 T. Sour Cream …
3 T. Water
1 egg
1/4 t. vanilla
1/4 t. baking powder
Mix all together and cook like regular pancakes. I add blueberries to the mix. this recipe is 1-2 servings. Robby eats the entire batch 4 pancakes

Well, off to the races! Another day of school and finishing up a sewing project tomorrow…pictures to come. Enjoy the day!


Blog Hop Fun!

Happy Thursday!! Today is blog hopping day, so fun! This is my first invitation to the hop and I feel so honored that Katherine from Katherines Corner¬†asked me to join. I can’t wait to meet new people and gain new inspiration for writing. ūüôā

I couldn’t decide what my favorite thing was; I thought about cooking, kids, family, friends and all the things I love so much. Then I thought I would post about my¬†travels¬†which has became Zen…. being a Mommy.¬†I am honored to have the privilege to not only write about our personal journeys through our blog, but also learn more about other families as well by writing for Ooh Belly. ūüôā¬†¬† So, I don’t do giveaways, but what I do is write about¬†crazy cooking experiments, fun home school field trips¬†and funny Monday Listicles¬†– and Motherhood is truly my Thursday Favorite thing. ūüôā

So hopping is easy-peasy! The rules are below (yes there are just a few!). Enjoy and have fun!!


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Secret Happiness


I was cracking up last week reading everybody’s Oh No You Didn’t Valentine’s Day Gifts. ¬†Some of them were so funny or foreign to me; I couldn’t believe people would actually give them as gifts, but it happens!

This week is fun too. Yesterday, 2/17 was Random Act of Kindness Day (#RAOK). This week’s Listicles kind of follows that same theme: 10 tiny (or secret) things that bring you joy. It took me awhile to narrow my list down, as I realized – selfishly – there are quite a few small things that bring me joy!

1.) E n K’s uninhibited, gut busting laughter; E is so serious all the time that when she laughs a big belly laugh it is so heart warming.

2.) K’s singing – even though she does it every second of the day, and sometimes I pray for quiet – it brings me joy to know that she is so uninhibited in her love of music.

3.) When the perfect song comes on the radio, singing in my car (while hopefully no one is watching because I can’t carry a tune!).

4.) Waking up to warmth and sunshine.

5.) All the laundry being done, and the house being cleaned.

6.) My hubs making the bed for no random reason.

7.) Cards, letters or phone calls just because.

8.) Doing a #RAOK

9.) Shopping for gifts for other people. I love giving gifts – Christmas is THE best holiday EVER – for selfish reasons I get joy out of watching people open presents I’ve given them ūüôā

10.) Cooking or baking something delicious brings me great joy and peace. I think because I refuse to follow a recipe I’m always surprised when it actually works out (most of the time!).

‚ÄúIf you surrender completely to the moment as they pass, you live more richly those moments.‚ÄĚ ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

What brings you joy?

Whatever you do – DON’T DO THAT?!

Well this Monday Listicles keeps getting more fun each week. I chuckled when I read this weeks topic of “Oh no you didn’t” Valentine’s gifts. However, let’s be honest, it’s a tad odd to have one singular day out of the year to tell someone you love them. If you have to put a bunch of effort out on one day, maybe you should reevaluate your relationship. It should be fun and random acts of love all year long, no matter how silly, serious, tiny or grand – have some fun.

So here’s a few that may make any woman shake her head a little and say “um.. ok..”

1.) Kitchen Utensils (awkward….)

2.) Condoms or a sex basket (seriously?!)

3.)  A picture of yourself in a frame, stating your awesomeness.

4.) A gift given to you by another person (re gifting is ok, but it doesn’t show much thought)

5.) Appliances

6.) An extremely expensive gift (trying a little too hard)

7.) Gifts that “help” with weight loss (ugh!)

8.) Roses – does she even like them?

9.) Lingerie in the WRONG size (you better KNOW what your buying – nothing says I love you like assuming your partner is one size and they are not…..)

10.) Live animals (unless you’ve been with someone for a really long time, this is a major no-no)

Somethings you can do? Listen and pay attention to what they love to do. Love music, have an Ipod – Itunes. Love cooking, have a great kitchen – how about a gift card to Sur la table? Don’t assume everyone loves roses, because alot of us don’t. Does she love fresh cut flowers – stop by Pike’s Place and pick up some fresh from the farm bouquets. Love food – find a really great restaurant, or better yet – cook, yes, I said cook.¬† Passionate about the environment – find a local cause to donate to in her name. Write love notes and put them in her lunch, or a post it on her steering wheel. Put a single flower on her purse or briefcase before she heads out the door. Call and leave her a sweet voicemail.

Whatever you do, it doesn’t have to be epic, it just has to show you remembered. It doesn’t have to cost a penny. Men think women are complicated creatures, but in fact we are simple. Just remember and acknowledge. Don’t repeat the same behavior, change it up a little.

Happy V-day, good luck men!¬†Some of you are gonna need it. ‚̧

Monday Listicles: When I Grow Up I Wanna…..

I was excited for this week’s listicles. I’m always listening to the twins and all their ideas about what they think they will be when they grow up. E is certain she will be a Vet and K is sure she will be a famous singer/fashionista. It makes me think back to when I was a kid and all the things I thought I would be!

1. Beauty Shop: this was my number one. I always was doing my Mom’s hair, and buying all kinds of weird new hair tools. I was certain throughout my entire life I was going to grow up to be a beautician.

2. Teacher: I always admired all teachers and thought what a cool job, plus you get summers off to play – bonus!

3. Veterinarian. I never really¬†wanted to work on the animals because I saw it as such a horrific way to heal animals (even though¬†obviously as an adult I understand¬†it better). However, I wanted (and did sometimes) rescue every stray animal that came in my path! We had more stray animals than you can count, and I love my Mom for never saying no when I brought home an animal in need. Much to my hubby’s dismay I still am this way to this day. It’s hard for me to say No……

4. Mommy. I know it’s an odd one, but ever since I was little I always wanted to be a Mommy; I somehow just knew it was my destiny. ūüôā Even though we didn’t have a lot growing up, my Mom tried to make our home to be the best it could. She could take lemons and make lemon aid and to me that made her the best homemaker ever.¬†(By the way, I am the luckiest Mommy on the planet to 2 beautiful twins E n K, so that worked out!!)

5. Travel. I always thought it would be cool to be the person who traveled all over the world and saw things no one else saw. I wanted to have a passport with a hundred stamps on it and have stories to tell my Grandkids when I was old and gray.

6, Chef. I’m defiantly against following recipes; it’s always been that way I just don’t see the need. It’s a damper on creativity. I read a recipe and then make it my own. However, I do understand baking is truly a science and have come to grips with following those recipes (truth be told though, I still sneak a tweak to ingredients here and there – I can’t help it!!).

7. Writer. I loved to write and read. I was obsessed with reading everything I could get my hands on. Especially living in the South there was so much fun and history to read about.

8. Nurse. Taking care of people (and animals) brings great joy!

9. Race Car Driver. HA! Like that’s a surprise to anyone, I have a lead foot!! However, I thought the cars were SO cool and wouldn’t I be SO cool if I owned one.

10. Singer. Oh yes, I am a horrible singer, but I would sing so loud and out of tune that it would make every one laugh. My Mom would always say “Paigie, if your going to sing, sing loud, what do you care what people think!”…. and so I did. Now, K sings all the time and so loud – her voice is prettier than mine, and she is much more in tune. She sings non stop loud so all can hear, and I love it!

Funny thing is, all these things that I wanted to do/be as a kid, I am. So many of them become who you¬†are as an adult. They become your goals and aspirations. I don’t quite have the traveling part down yet, but we’re working on it.

How does your career wish list as a kid compare to where you are now and what you’ve done?

Happy Monday!

Acosta’s ‘Crayons’ mural recalls Sandy Hook

Not a Memorial, but certainly brings your attention, take it for what it is, a beautiful piece of art – a tribute.

I’ve Seen the Future, and I’m Not Going

Dispatches from Pangaea

What does it mean to refuse the passing of time?

Ask David McDermott. For over 30 years, McDermott has lived as though it was the late 19th century. McDermott, an artist, lives in Ireland‚ÄĒhe renounced his American citizenship‚ÄĒin a house outfitted only with Victorian amenities. A chamber pot rests next to his bed for midnight bathroom breaks. He drives into town on an antique bicycle. Insouciant and unflappable, McDermott refuses all electronic currency, preferring paper money and metal coin.

McDermott seems to relish both the difficulty and singularity of his pursuit. He acknowledges how hard it is rip away the crutches of modernity, and, I suspect, wants others to acknowledge how unconventional his life has become. For McDermott, the job of the artist is to ‚Äú[go] into the unknown territory.‚ÄĚ This often puts the artist in a vulnerable position. But being dismissed, misunderstood,¬†and labeled an eccentric is almost a badge‚Ķ

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