Winter Playtime/Indoor fun!

Living in Washington we are more likely to deal with several weeks of rain, than several weeks of cold. However, we have had a cold snap (19 degrees) and we’ve been trying to be creative with indoor play. Here are some of the things we love to do when the weather is less than desirable.

Rain Walk/Nature Collection
If it’s only raining outside, and not to chilly – we bundle up, grab umbrellas and go for a walk in the rain. It seems odd, I know, but the twins love to splash in the mud puddles, without care or concern for mud, water, etc. They always find something to bring back home. We look for leaves, small tree branches, rocks, etc. to add to their nature collection. The girls started their collection three or so years ago. Anytime we go to the beach, a park, on a walk they always seem to find something unique to add to it. Their only stipulation is whatever items they add, must not be man made – only truly organic pieces may be added.

If your child collects leaves, evergreen needles or flowers, later they can be used (if they will allow it) for making bookmarks, pressed flowers pictures, thank you cards and tons of art projects. Picture frames can be purchased at the Dollar Store, and the clear film used to make book marks at a local craft store.

Shoot A Movie

This has been a fun activity the girls started on their own. Several of their electronic devices have the ability to record. So, they take pictures and film clips of whatever their eye catches. Afterwards we load it on the computer and clip it together using Windows Media. The simplicity of seeing things through their eyes is truly remarkable. It’s a fun way for them to capture memories, just as we do when we are snapping away with our camera.

Wig Out!!

This is a big one in our house, can’t go without it! Two Christmas ago, my husband stumbled upon this game and it has become legendary in our home. The cards are covered in these silly people with these crazy haird dos (thus, Wig out!). The idea of the game is to deal out 7 cards to each player, there is a draw pile, and  you have to create matches to get a pile going. Once that’s done if you have a card that matches – you put it in the pile. When you run out of cards yell “WIG OUT!” (which in our house generates screams and laughter because everyone is concentrating so hard!) We do fun thins like instead of saying GO! we say MARSHMELLOWS! PEANUT BUTTER! ALLIGATOR! just to drag it out a bit because the girls love the game so much! We let the kiddos keep score (helps with math). In the end count the cards left and write them down. We play 5 games, and whoever has the most wins in the end (meaning the least amount of total cards) is the WIG OUT CHAMPION!

This would be easy to make at home – you would need to take 24 index cards and find like pictures to print to make “sets”. If you wanted to purchase the game, here is a link:


This is another fun one! It’s a great way to encourage spelling, phonics and to understand how your younger child spells phonetically. We use a white board to draw out the alphabet. After the word is created, and the holder for the hangman is drawn as the girls guess we cross off the letter so they don’t get confused. Also, if a word is difficult for them we add things like shoes, a shirt, pants, etc… just to extend the life of the game.

We have found at Target in the card/game section they do sell hangman pads, for about $2 – 3.

Build a Fort/Movie Time

We have been known to remove every comforter, sheet and pillow from all bedding surfaces and build a super sized fort! Using the dining room chairs for support is always great too! Leave an opening in the front so you can lay down with the kids. Pop some popcorn and catch a movie. Great activity which keeps them busy building and allows for a little R&R/family time in the end!


Idle hands….are best kept busy baking. Simple recipes are always best with our girls. We try to make cookies from things we already keep around this house, this way no one is running out to the store. Our personal favorite is Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies. With a few simple ingredients and several steps they can help with they will get a sweet reward. You could even throw on some spreckles! (that’s sprinkles to the Peters’ clan. 🙂

There are tons of things you can do from artwork to painting, from fashion show to tea party, from indoor golfing with Nerf balls to board & card games. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy those moments spent together.







For the love of Bunkie

So I spent forever the other night trying to come up with a cool way to write about our amazing dog – Bunker, who goes by Bunk, Bunk The Dog, Bunkie, Bunkie-dog, or the kids favorite – HEY YOU! I thought instead on this one I would just post some amazing pictures of her to share with everyone so you can see why we love this patient and tender-hearted girl so much. Enjoy!

New Puppy, New Home, New Rules……………

2006_2007 Miscellanious 861

2006_2007 Miscellanious 871

2006_2007 Miscellanious 860

” If the babies rest, I rest” – right after we brought the twins home in 2005.

Daddy, Kayla, Emma & Bunkie

Happy Girl in her favorite spot in the sunshine… 2012.



David and Goliath…. 2012


Bunkie’s kind of camping – backyard only! 2012


“Her” pack……


Christmas and January 2010 096

2006 850

2006 849



2006_2007 Miscellanious 755

“That whip cream was sooo good… huh? what? The cup is s-t-u-c-k!”


That’s our girl!