Starbucks Summer Giveaway


Good Morning Sunshine 🙂

Summer is here and wouldn’t it be great to enjoy it with a cold beverage from Starbucks?  I recently tried two new things there the Kati Kati Blend and a Carmel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino.  Both are delicious in moderation. 🙂

EcoMom is giving away a $10 Starbucks e-Gift Card. Just enter below in the raffle-copter link by telling us what your favorite iced beverage is! The winner will receive an email from me with the card for use immediately. 🙂

Thanks for your continued support of our blog!

Hugs & Cheers for a Happy Summer!

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For the love of Bunkie

So I spent forever the other night trying to come up with a cool way to write about our amazing dog – Bunker, who goes by Bunk, Bunk The Dog, Bunkie, Bunkie-dog, or the kids favorite – HEY YOU! I thought instead on this one I would just post some amazing pictures of her to share with everyone so you can see why we love this patient and tender-hearted girl so much. Enjoy!

New Puppy, New Home, New Rules……………

2006_2007 Miscellanious 861

2006_2007 Miscellanious 871

2006_2007 Miscellanious 860

” If the babies rest, I rest” – right after we brought the twins home in 2005.

Daddy, Kayla, Emma & Bunkie

Happy Girl in her favorite spot in the sunshine… 2012.



David and Goliath…. 2012


Bunkie’s kind of camping – backyard only! 2012


“Her” pack……


Christmas and January 2010 096

2006 850

2006 849



2006_2007 Miscellanious 755

“That whip cream was sooo good… huh? what? The cup is s-t-u-c-k!”


That’s our girl!